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Team USA Winter Olympics for Citi "Every Step of the Way"


For Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, A76 again joined forces with PKT & Citi's Every Step of the Way Program to create their latest campaign. We were up close and personal with eight Olympic & Paralympic athletes and veteran Olympic ambassadors showcasing their skills, mindsets and motivations as well as their chartiable initiatives.


The challenge: bring winter sports environments indoors to create the performance aesthetic seen during the games in just fours days and at the height of an NYC summer; one part cerebral and one part physical. With the dream team crew at hand, the results legendary.


Director: Duffy Higgins

Producer: Colleen Miller-Moran

Assistant Director: Shad Melvin

Director of Photography: Eric Giovon

Editor: John Reis, Nuno Xico, Sophie Peer

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