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PNC "Virtual Wallet"


A single mom in Greenville, KY with a spending addiction and the unlikely class president at Morgan State University in Baltimore share their stories of financial hardship and how they've managed to overcome it.


"I remember, at times, being enrolled in two elementary schools because I didn't know where I was going to stay. There were times that I went to school with shoes that didn't fit and my teacher giving me shoes. I didn't want to come home, because I didn't really have a home."


"My parents used to say that money burned a hole in my pocket, even when I was little bitty. I've always had problems with spending. If I had money on hand, I felt like I needed to find something to spend it on... At the height of my spending addiction, I had about 25 cards."


Director: Duffy Higgins

Producer: Josh Dick and Tony Mancilla

Director of Photography: Duffy Higgins

Editor: John Reis

Music/Mix: Uri Djemal/Madpan Productions

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