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ESPN - Colin Cowherd


In the midst of a blizzard, A76 hit the road to the ESPN campus in Bristol, CT. The mission was to trail Colin, the host of The Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio, in an on-the-road special for his new show on ESPN2 -- Colin's New Football Show. In this special segment (Commentator's in Colin's Car Talking Football), we picked up, dropped off and talked ball with some of the greats; former halfback Jerome Bettis (The Bus), former wide-receiver Tom Waddle, Chad Millman (ESPN, The Magazine), Trey Wingo (ESPN's Sportscenter, co-host) and sports journalist, Skip Bayless.


Director: Duffy Higgins

Producer: Colleen Miller-Moran

Sound editor: Uri Djemal/Madpan Productions

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